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True Crime Genre: True Crime in the News

Here you will find suggestions on where to get the latest and most interesting true crime news stories.

Recreational Reads

The Crime page of the People magazine website may be useful to those who are looking for more sensationalized, less serious reporting on true crime stories. While less objective than other news sources, People is appropriate for those reading true crime news for leisure, as many often do. The section reports on new and interesting stories and is updated very frequently. Thus, it may be an interesting resource or a jumping off point for those who read true crime casually or are looking for new cases to research further elsewhere. Click the logo above to be redirected.

Get The Scoop

The True Crime page of The Washington Post website is a useful resource for those looking for current true crime news and stories. In terms of article quality, the materials here are well-researched and credible. According to the Post website, the primary anchor of the section, Tom Jackman, has been writing on criminal justice issues for the paper since 1998 and is a balanced and experienced journalist. The page is updated fairly regularly and the articles have adequate citations. People looking for non-sensationalized true crime reporting would find this resource useful. Click the logo above to be redirected.




The True Crime page of the New Yorker is somewhat of a middle ground between the other two sources; it is credible and well-researched, but presented in a more casual format. Further, the articles on this site are less current event based and more topic based, featuring interviews with true crime writers and others involved in the genre. When it does report on true crime stories, they are typically in a narrative or longer-form style rather than straight reporting. A major downside to this source is that it is updated infrequently; months go by without a new article. Overall, this site will be most useful for those looking to read casual but non-sensationalized true crime stories or true crime themed think pieces. Click on the logo above to be redirected.

Extra Updates

RSS feeds can be an excellent way to keep up on the latest news. Check out The Crime Report feed below:

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