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True Crime Genre: Home

About This Guide


This reference guide focuses on the true crime genre, including resources on the history and true crime in different media. The guide contains largely popular resources, but academic sources are also be referenced in terms of the history of the genre. The primary goal of the guide, however, is to point users to resources that will help them discover additional true crime media.

Who is this guide for?

This guide on true crime, though publicly available for all, is geared towards adults and perhaps young adults in the community. Existing research on true crime shows that the largest consumers of true crime books and media are women who are between the ages of twenty to thirty-five and have a bachelor’s degree or higher; this mirrors the demographics of the population served by the Brighton Branch. As a true crime fan myself, I thought a guide on the topic would suit the population of the Allston-Brighton community and would allow interested patrons to broaden their knowledge on the genre, as well as find new books and other media.

About the Library

The Brighton Branch of the Boston Public Library serves a community of just under 100,000 people, majority female, with a median age of twenty-five. Ninety-two percent of the households in Allston-Brighton are without children and seventy-two percent have a bachelor’s degree or higher; this, combined with the median age data, indicates that a large number of residents are likely college and graduate students or young professionals. The library also caters to the young adult demographic and has a teen room, intended primarily as a space for students to do homework. While younger people may make up the majority of the population, people of all ages visit and use the library. Click on the photo above to be redirected to the library's website.