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So You Want to Be a Writer?: Teen Writing Guide: Resource Citations

A writing guide for teens aimed at writers of any skill level, from those who are just getting started on their writing journey to those who have been writing for some time.

All in One Place

All of the resources contained in the guide have been collected here, with hyperlinks and APA citations for ease of access!


So you want to be a writer?

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Books by Young Writers

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Writing Advice Books

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Video Advice

Department of English, Arizona State University. (Oct. 24, 2016). "Young Adult Authors Discuss the Writing Process." [Video file]. Retrieved from

From Your Favorite Writers

Gibbs, A. (2019). "'I got a lot of No's but one Yes changed everyting', says 'The Hate U Give' author Angie Thomas" Retrieved from 

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Online Resources

"Go Teen Writers" (n.d.). Retrieved from

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On the Ground Resources

"Chapter One Conference" (n.d.) Retrieved from

"Grub Street" (n.d.) Retrieved from

Venues that Publish Teens

"The Adroit Journal" (n.d.) Retrieved from

"The Apprentice Writer" (n.d.) Retrieved from

"Canvas" (n.d.) Retrieved from

"Ember" (n.d.) Retrieved from

"Stone Soup" (n.d.) Retrieved from

Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

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Sharing Your Work Online

"How to Publish on Wattpad" (n.d.) Retrieved from

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Writing Contests for Teens

Hill, Denise. (2019) "Young Writers Guide to Contests" Retrieved December 11, 2019 from

"Scholastic Art and Writing Awards" (2019) Retrieved December 11, 2019 from

Online Young Writers Programming

"NaNoWrimo's Young Writer's Program" (n.d.) Retrieved from 

Using G-Suite

Deverell, Eva. (2019). "The Ultimate Guide to Google Docs for Writers" Retrieved from

Creative Writing in College

Information about Various Degree Programs:

"2020 Best Colleges with Creative Writing Degrees" (2019). Retrieved December 10, 2019 from

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Defending the Humanities Degree

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