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Solar Power Industry: Home

A Research Guide

Using this LibGuide

This guide is intended for undergraduate and graduate students researching the solar power industry. It contains descriptions of and links to a variety of resources that will aid research, including books, journals, databases, websites, and industry associations.

Books and E-Books


US Energy Information Administration

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) collects and disseminates information about energy production, stocks, demands, imports, exports, and prices. In addition to promote public awareness, the EIA strives to promote impartial policymaking and guarantee efficiency in the energy market. The EIA website provides recent statistics, analyses and projections relating to renewable energy, including solar energy. For those seeking unbiased information about the solar industry that is more policy-based than technical in nature, this website is a perfect starting point.

Solar Industry

The Solar Industry is a website that offers news articles about solar energy initiatives around the country. The site provides information on ongoing and planned solar projects, a state-by-state review on renewable energy usage, progress and setbacks, and news about how various companies and industries are involved in the solar energy space. This site is recommended for those seeking local news and information on the solar industry.

One hour's worth of the sun's energy can power the earth for a year

Photovoltaic Solar Panel Array



IBISWorld is a leading database for industry research, offering business information and market research on thousands of industries. IBISWorld offers a comprehensive and up-to-date industry report on solar power in the U.S. which includes information relating to industry performance, products and markets, leading players, competition, operating conditions, and similar industries. Also included are relevant statistics and key definitions relating to this industry. IBISWorld is a prime source for researchers who are looking for both a general overview of the solar power industry and specific details and statistics relating to its past, present and future operations.

Business Source Complete

Business Source Complete is a premier database from EBSCO covering the business world. This database offers full-text, peer-reviewed articles about the solar industry from a variety of journals, including Energy Policy, Applied Thermal Engineering and Journal of Cleaner Production. The database also provides articles from popular trade publications such as Power Finance & Risk, Utility Week and Worldwide Energy. Recent and older articles from magazines and newspapers are also available on this database. This is a recommended database for researchers looking for specific or technical information on the solar industry and those who are looking for older and more recent news stories about the industry.


Journal of Solar Energy

The Journal of Solar Energy is an open access journal that offers dozens of peer-reviewed articles about solar energy, including photovoltaics, solar cell technology and engineering, and other renewable energy sources. The journal, published by esteemed U.K. publisher Hindawi Limited, contains both original research articles and reviews on solar technology since 2013. This journal is a prime source of information for those interested in the newest and most cutting edge technologies that are being used and developed by the solar industry.

Renewables: Wind, Water, and Solar

Renewables: Wind. Water, and Solar is an open access journal that provides peer-reviewed articles on ideas, technology, policy and regulatory issues relating to renewable energy. Contributors include specialists from academic institutions, research laboratories, and industries involved in renewable energy technology and policy. The journal is published by Springer Open, a leading publisher in the realm of science and technology. This journal is recommended for those looking to research current and future technology and policy issues relating to solar energy.

Industry Associations

Solar Energy Industries Association

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the national trade association of the U.S. solar energy industry, represents more than 1,000 organizations that promote solar energy and are involved with its development, installation and support. SEIA advocates for the protection and expansion of solar energy. The website is a good place to find information on the benefits of the solar industry, to learn about its place in the renewable energy market, and to find data on the breadth and type of companies that are involved in the solar power market.

American Solar Energy Society

The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) is a non-profit organization that connects organizations, communities and individuals around the world in its mission to promote sustainable living by advocating for solar energy. To this end, ASES publishes a magazine called Solar Today on a quarterly basis that provides cutting edge information on the solar industry. ASES also hosts events, such as the National Solar Tour and the National Solar Conference, where people can exchange ideas and educate themselves on new science and technology. This website is recommended for those looking to network with individuals and organizations involved in the solar industry and to join a community that advocates for renewable energy.