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School Bus "Skoolie" Tiny Home Conversion: Home

An introduction to Skoolies that will satisfy curious minds and aficionados alike.

About Skoolies

What is a Skoolie?

A Skoolie is a slang-term for a school bus that has been converted into a tiny home on wheels. School districts have fleets of school buses that, once retired, can be sold to private owners like you and me. Many people think they need a special license to drive a school bus. This isn't the case! After the bus has been purchased by a private owner, it is technically no longer being used commercially. Therefore, a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) is not required to drive the bus.   

     Ally and Chris, owners of "The Blog Bus" laying down on a bed in the back of their skoolie. The back of the school bus is wide open and they smile for the camera.        A shot inside the colorfully decorated converted school bus. Tapestries hang from the ceiling of the bus. Chris is working on a painted design on a table, behind him is a beer fridge.           Chris standing in front of the turquoise and gold painted "blog bus" parked perfectly in a parking lot.            

Here are some beautiful photos (shared with permission from the owners) of a real-life Skoolie! "The Blog Bus" is owned by Chris Boudrow & Ally Voner. They are a creative travel/food blogging duo and run a business called Good Bites & Glass Pints


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School Bus ASCII Art

-=[ School bus ]=-  5/97

       .::.    |  _  SCHOOL  : ; _  )
  jgs  ':::'' ='-(_)----------=-(_)-' 

ASCII art by Joan Stark

How To Use This Guide

Use the tabs on the top of this page or the links below to navigate this LibGuide. This guide is intended for people interested in the school bus "Skoolie" tiny home conversion movement in the United States. Most of the resources within this guide are themed around Skoolies specifically, but I have provided some resources which touch on the tiny home and cross-country travel movement as well. 


Skoolie Poll

Do you own a Skoolie?
Yes: 4 votes (40%)
No: 6 votes (60%)
Total Votes: 10
What part of Skoolies interests you the most?
All in: Renovating my own Skoolie and traveling someday: 4 votes (40%)
Just a taste: Going on a short trip in a Skoolie I don't own for fun: 2 votes (20%)
Living vicariously: Watching videos and reading stories about other people who travel: 4 votes (40%)
Total Votes: 10