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The Phantom of the Opera: Home

Learn about the different adaptations of The Phantom of the Opera!


How were you first introduced to The Phantom of the Opera
Leroux's novel: 0 votes (0%)
Silent film starring Lon Chaney: 1 votes (16.67%)
Hill's musical: 0 votes (0%)
Lloyd Webber's musical: 4 votes (66.67%)
Yeston/Kopit's musical: 0 votes (0%)
2004 movie: 0 votes (0%)
Other adaptation: 1 votes (16.67%)
I'm not familiar with it yet: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 6


Welcome to The Phantom of the Opera LibGuide! Whether you have read the book, watched one of the movies, or seen one of the stage adaptations, there are many more ways to experience this enduring and fascinating story. 

The Phantom of the Opera was originally a serial publication that was later published as a novel. Before it became a hit musical, it was adapted as a silent horror film. Since then, the story has been retold many times on stage and on the screen. How can one story be the source of both horror and the greatest love story of all time? Each version highlights certain aspects of the original story, some emphasizing the Phantom's dark side and some making him more sympathetic. 


What to Expect

This guide does not cover everything Phantom-related because there are so many adaptations, including ones that extend beyond the scope of the original story, but it attempts to mention as many as possible. The goal is for you to learn something new about the Phantom, whether you're discovering the story for the first time or are already an avid fan. 

  • The Original Novel: Access the free ebook, learn a little bit about the author, and discover some of the history that inspired the novel. 
  • Films: You may know about the movie with Gerard Butler, but the first film adaptation was actually a silent horror film, and there have been several other movies since then. 
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber's Musical: The worldwide phenomenon started in 1986 and has been performed thousands of times across the globe. Watch the original Phantom and Christine perform, read reviews, and learn about Lloyd Webber and his other works. 
  • The Other Musicals: There are two other musicals besides Lloyd Webber's! 
  • For Fans: Can't get enough of the Phantom? Check out the social media, fandom Wikis, rankings, and more. 
  • Further Reading: Additional adaptations, recommended reads, study guides, and critical essays and analyses to help you dig in as much as you want.