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Films Showcasing Newport Country, Rhode Island: Home

What's In This Guide

About This Guide

This subject guide aims to provide research tools and sources for public library users who want to learn more about the unique ways in which the  locations of Newport County, Rhode Island were highlighted in cinematic films. The county encompasses Newport, Jamestown, Middletown, Portsmouth, Little Compton and Tiverton. The sources here concern themes such as the history of the films; background information and significance of the specific locations; and resources for visiting the places today.

This guide will be most helpful for those ranging in age from high school and beyond. Also, the guide has been created for a public library in a college town, so there is a broader range of possible users than a small local library. In order to fulfill the various needs of these users, the content of the sources have a variety of complexity so that the individual can decide how in-depth they would like to dive into their research journey. While some concepts may be difficult to understand, this guide hopes to supply information for both the novice film buff as well as learners with a background in film studies. Research is an opportunity to explore and the information search process can possibly lead to unintended questions and answers, as well as encourage a continuing quest for mastery in the topic.

How To Use This Guide

The division of tabs is organized based on the content of the linked sources. Each page is then further divided based on the type of medium, specifically articles and webpages. The webpages tend to offer more casual content suitable for general interest while the articles will be more helpful for deep critical thinking. All should be looked at because you never know what may peek your interest and expand your education. Additionally, I highlighted three movies that heavily use the Newport County region in their location shooting. While their extensive application of these settings brought them to my attention, my choices do not reflect other aspects or importance of the films. I mainly chose them because they offer the most opportunities for touring and travel. For that reason, in the tabs focusing on these specific films I have provided an additional section for how to visit the locations.

I'd also like to take a moment to comment upon the lack of book sources provided in this guide. Due to the narrow scope of this topic, there are few published print works that have been created. This occurs because of the commercial motives of the publication industry. However, I have provided book sources in the "Further Research" section so that you have access to physical sources. The subjects of the books broadly cover the topic of film in general.