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Medieval Misinformation: Diversity in the Middle Ages

Illumination of king on throne



Diversity in the Middle Ages has been traditionally underrepresented in modern media and representations of the medieval period from any time after the medieval era. On this page you will find examples of media set in the Middle Ages, both diverse and not, as well as information and articles about diversity in the Middle Ages.

Whatever You're Picturing, It's Probably Wrong

Modern perceptions of the Middle Ages are often heavily influenced by what we see in movies and on TV and what we read about in books. The problem? Most of these depict a Middle Ages that is overwhelmingly white and male.

So Where Is It Right?

Unfortunately, very little media (movies, television, books, etc) features racially diverse characters. Movies and television series in particular have faced much criticism in recent years for their lack of diversity. While there are a few book series set in fantasy versions of the Middle and Far East, the European Middle Ages-inspired fantasy remains very white.

Diversity in Scholarship

Diversity in all its forms - gender, sexuality, racial, ethnic - was part of medieval society. These readings offer insight into what diversity in the Middle Ages means and what it looked like.


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