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So You Want to Be a Writer?: Teen Writing Guide: Moving Forward with Writing

A writing guide for teens aimed at writers of any skill level, from those who are just getting started on their writing journey to those who have been writing for some time.

Where to go next?

After interacting with this guide, you can start to create a toolkit of writing resources to keep in your back pocket for days you aren't sure where to start, have writers block, or just want to learn something new. So now that you have this toolkit, what are the next steps you can take? 

Whether you're interested in writing as a hobby or writing as a career, there is always a next step you can take!

Create a Community

If you haven't already, check out our Create a Community forum located in this guide. This is a great next step in your writing process as you work to develop a community of like-minded individuals who will seek to encourage each other when it comes to writing. Learning how to give and receive creative feedback can only make you a stronger writer in both the short and long term. 

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Your Next Steps

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Creative Writing in College

Whether you're considering undergraduate or graduate level programs, English and creative writing degrees can be a great option for college degrees that will prepare you for all a future in a variety of different career fields.

Information about Various Degree Programs

Each of the following links uses different evaluative criteria. Remember when considering different colleges and universities that you should focus on making the best choice for you, rather than simply choosing what others say are the best schools.

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Colleges with Great English, Creative Writing, and Literature Programs

Defending the Humanities Degree

When choosing a college major in English and Creative Writing, it can sometimes be difficult to defend your choice to others, and you shouldn't have to, but if people won't leave you alone when it comes to your choice of college major, here are some articles that you can share with them.

Why we still need to study the humanities in a STEM world

Why 'worthless' humanities degrees may set you up for life

A humanities degree is worth much more than you realize

Shocker: Humanities Grads Gainfully Employed and Happy

Additional Search Suggestions

As previously acknowledged, while aimed as a general writing guide this resource also focuses on fiction. Below are additional search terms for Google searches or to use in a library catalog to find additional writing resources to guide you in any direction

  • Advice for young poets
  • Screenwriting for beginners
  • Playwriting for students
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