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Zines LibGuide

This is a LibGuide on zines created for Simmons University's LIS 407 Course.

Overview: Zines as Educational Tools

From middle school humanities to University-level research, zines can be utilized in a wide range of educational settings. As a result of their do-it-yourself nature, students are able to learn, collaborate, communicate, and create in ways that center personal and alternative forms of knowledge. Below are resources about the usage of zines in college-level writing courses, social work curricula, as well as middle school language arts courses. Additionally, there are resources about zines with relation to academic librarianship, focusing particularly on how zines promote information literacy, the digitization of zines, ethics, and using zines as research tools in higher education academic settings.

Zines in the Classroom

Zines in Academic Libraries

University of Kansas Archivist Becky Schulte and English professor Frank Farmer discuss the importance of the library's acquisition of over 1,000 zines, in terms of their educational and research potential.