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Apply and Succeed in College, Western Alaska!: Home

This guide provides helpful resources for the college application process from exploration to acceptance, made in mind for the Western Alaskan student.


Applying to Higher Education Doesn't Have to Be Daunting!

There are so many different types of institutions and majors to pick from and so many important decisions and responsibilities that you will face as you navigate this months- or even years-long process. The application process can be overwhelming, even for a student in the Lower 48.

This guide will introduce you to resources that can help you through your application process from start to finish. Each tab corresponds with a crucial step in the application process: exploring your options, applying to schools, preparing for relevant testing, paying for your education, and tips on succeeding in those first days, weeks, and months of College.


The resources featured in this guide range from those specifically developed for you by Miss Caroline (NPS & BSSD College and Career and general resources relevant to juniors and seniors across the country.


If you are feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, uninspired, or otherwise anxious about the college application process, look no further than this guide.


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Good luck!


How to Navigate this LibGuide

It's never too early to start thinking about what YOU want out of your college experience.

  • Are you looking for a larger university?

  • Or a single-sex school?

  • Do you want to go somewhere in-state, in the Lower 48, or even abroad?

  • What about Division I, II, or III schools? 

  • And does your dream school offer enough financial support for your needs?

There are so many considerations to think about when researching schools!

Check out the Exploring Your Options tab for resources that can help you get a better idea of yourself and your goals.

Now that you have a list of schools you want to apply to, it's time to start working on those applications!

How can you make your personality and successes shine?

  • Have you participated in any volunteer service?
  • Have you broken any athletic records?
  • What subjects do you excel at?
  • What kind of person do you want to be after you graduate?

Check out the Applying to Schools tab to see resources that can help you manage all of those application deadlines as well as help you shine in your personal essay.

Many colleges or universities you apply to will require you to take standardized or subject-based tests prior to admission.

These tests will be considered as part of your holistic application, so it's important to take preparing for these tests seriously.

The Testing tab provides resources for practice tests and tips for excelling in your pre-admission testing.

How are YOU going to pay for your education?

Throughout the application process, it's vital to consider your available options to fund your education.

Some of the ways that students pay for higher education are:

  • Assistance from Family Members
  • Scholarships
  • Merit Aid
  • Educational Loans
  • Private Loans

If you're interested in seeing resources related to paying for your education, make sure to check out the Financial Aid tab!


All of your hard work has paid off – but that doesn't mean the work stops after you get your acceptance letter.

Make sure you know how to cross your T's and dot your I's with the "You're In!" tab.

In the Additional Resources tab, you can find even more helpful resources like to-do lists, books to check out, and other materials that can make your college applications less stressful and more successful!


This College Application Guide is geared specifically towards the students of Nome Public Schools (NPS) and the Bering Strait School District (BSSD) – two school districts that span large amounts of geographical space within rural Western Alaska but only serve small student populations. For example, NPS based in Nome, Alaska had 232 students total in 2017-2018 for grades seventh through twelfth.


With prohibitive flight costs and many families earning close or under the poverty level threshold, for example: 50.5% of households in St. Michael, Alaska (BSSD) earned $35,000 or under in yearly income in 2016 – visiting colleges in-person, application and testing fees, and funding college-level education are all significant challenges to many Western Alaska students.


This guide is formatted so students can have access to resources that allow remote exploration of institutions, specifically tailored informative presentations and materials including a locally-produced Freshman Year Success PSA series, as well as other materials helpful for student application organization.


With a significant population of both school districts serving Alaska Native populations (the Nome Census area shows 75% of the population having some or all Alaska Native ancestry), cultural responsiveness is a key part of how these materials are presented to the patron-base.