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Guide to Poetry Resources: Brookline, Massachusetts and environs: Home

Links and information to help guide poetry enthusiasts to learn more, starting at the local library.

POETRY RESOURCES IN BROOKLINE AND ENVIRONS: Featuring the Collection of the Public Library of Brookline

Mission of the Public Library of Brookline (Collection Development Policy)

The mission of the Public Library of Brookline is to provide the Town of Brookline with free, and open access to recorded knowledge in print and non‐print formats. The Library:

●  Provides access to information to meet the ongoing intellectual, cultural and recreational needs of our diverse population

●  Maintains strong collections of fiction, non‐fiction, literature, classics and the arts

●  Encourages a love of reading and of libraries in our children

●  Uses technology to improve access, reduce costs, and increase options in the variety of services offered

●  Promotes and supports information literacy for the entire community

Community Profile

The Library has served the Town of Brookline’s residents and those of surrounding communities since it was established in 1857.  The population of Brookline is 59,016 people.


(written by Staff, retrieved 12/06/17)

This Lib Guide is intended to provide anyone with an interest in poetry resources and education about the field. There is a sizeable community in the Boston/Brookline/Cambridge area for poetry events, which center around universities, bookstores and public libraries. The library has much to offer and welcomes all, whether professional poets, beginners or casual readers. The scope of this work is to encourage others to investigate the art of poetry with as many resources as possible.



Interested in publishing?

Interested in honing your craft through workshops or earning a MFA?

Brookline Poet Laureates

library links

Bookstores: more events, more books!

Poetry organizations

Children's Poetry at the Library

The Main Branch of the Public Library of Brookline has a Children's Room one floor down from the main entrance. 

Library Science Graduate Student


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Another Membership Society

The Academy of American Poets is a membership organization anyone interested in poetry can join.

Featured local poets

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