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WFH Spaces: Welcome

This guide will offer insights on the different ways to set up your space to work for you!

How much time do you have to redesign your workspace?

Each option of the poll is hyperlinked to the tab that will offer solutions within your timeframe. Either select the hyperlink from the beginning or submit your answer and use the Show Poll button to navigate back to the hyperlinked options.

Select your choice below.
I only have 15 minutes to try.: 3 votes (37.5%)
I think I can use an hour at lunch to make some changes.: 2 votes (25%)
I have a few hours after work to redesign.: 3 votes (37.5%)
I have a whole weekend set aside!: 0 votes (0%)
As long as it takes!!: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 8


Welcome to the Work From Home (WFH) Spaces guide. Within this guide, you will find resources to design, organize, and improve your WFH space, whether that work is studying or a full-time job. While working you devote hours of your time, but have you devoted the space you need to be successful? Having a better workspace can improve mood, energy, and productivity. Whether you are here to make big changes or small, there is a resource here that can help you!

Top 2021 Trends

While many may think that home offices will go out of style, they are actually one of the top forecasted trends for 2021. Kevin Gray, an internationally recognized designer, has published 2021 Interior Design Trends from Interior Designer Kevin Gray. In it, Gray lists a home office (or two) as the top trend for 2021, and I wouldn't be surprised if it sticks around longer than that.

But you shouldn't just be making a change because it is a trend. Think about your workspace. Is it working for you? Or are you working around it? Depending on your answer it might be time for a change, so take the poll and find a place to start!

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