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Petticoat Junction: A Fashion History Research Guide

A Note on Resources

The resources listed below have been divided into two main sections: popular research and academic research. This division is intentional to provide the user with the understanding of what may or may not be acceptable as a source, depending on what the goal of their research may be.

For academic research, it is recommended that users stick more closely to academic sources, as they consist of peer-reviewed articles, formal academic publications, and websites from formally-recognized museums and collections. These sources are more often a safer bet because the research has been verified by others in the field. 

For more casual research, please feel free to utilize any source! The academic resources are separated not because one must have specialized knowledge to understand them, but so that they may be recognized as more appropriate for academic research. If you are merely interested in fashion history, don't shy away from academic writing--it might contain just what you were looking for!

Popular Research

From informal encyclopedias to websites detailing the process of creating period-accurate clothing, blogs are the independent projects of many creators. Peruse them to find where your research niche might be! 

The beauty of YouTube channels is that they allow historians to interact with users and answer questions. They also allow users to see the clothing they are researching in action, not just in a carefully constructed film.

The least formal of all of these popular research resources, Instagram pages provide different levels of information, whether it be the basic information on the composition of a gown on exhibit, or the details of the clothing and its significance in a portrait. They are also a nice addition to one's feed!

Academic Research