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Lucy Maud Montgomery for Young Readers: Lucy Maud Montgomery: Further Works

This LibGuide is for young readers looking to learn more about L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables, Prince Edward Island, and what to read after falling in love with the worlds of Lucy Maud Montgomery.

About These Works

Unlike the works we've already shared by Montgomery, these works were all published after Montgomery's death in 1942. So these works were completed or collected by editors, although Montgomery is still the primary author. It's interesting to wonder why these weren't published during the author's life, but we sure are glad they were written and that we have them today!

More Books by Montgomery

The Road to Yesterday (1974)

This collection of stories was edited and published after being found by Montgomery's son, Stuart. The publisher determined to change the title created by the author, which was "The Blythes are Quoted". It's a final story of the Blythe family, with fourteen stories of their family and home and community life.

The Doctor's Sweetheart and Other Stories (Selected by Catherine McLay, 1979)

Another collection of Prince Edward Island stories, this book tells fourteen tales with romantic, humorous, and unexpected twists.

The Poetry of Lucy Maud Montgomery (selected by John Ferns and Kevin McCabe, 1987)

Poetry appears in many of Montgomery's books, but this book is a compilation just of Montgomery's poems, compiled and published after her death.

Akin to Anne: Tales of Other Orphans (edited by Rea Wilmhurst, 1988)

As the title suggests, this collection of stories follows characters, like Anne Shirley, without families to belong with as they seek and find the love they lack.

Along the Shore: Tales by the Sea (edited by Rea Wilmhurst, 1989)

Another collection of previously unpublished stories, this set shares the common theme of the sea. These sixteen stories are more serious in tone, but with the beauty of Montgomery's descriptive, delightful storytelling.

Among the Shadows: Tales from the Darker Side (edited by Rea Wilmhurst, 1990)

This is the collection of Montgomery's stories with the spookiest mood. Although several of Montgomery's stories have supernatural elements, this collection is largely focused on ghosts and crime, told in nineteen tales.

After Many Days: Tales of Times Past (edited by Rea Wilmhurst, 1991)

This collection of eighteen stories focuses on the theme of second chances - for love, for reconciliation, and for abandoned dreams to come true. 

Against the Odds: Tales of Achievements (edited by Rea Wilmhurst, 1993)

This collection of eighteen stories follows individuals who, "against the odds", overcome obstacles and accomplish more than they believed, or others believed, they were capable of. 

At the Altar: Matrimonial Tales (edited by Rea Wilmhurst, 1994)

This collection of nineteen stories are united in theme by the direction in which they move: towards marriage. These stories describe many challenges, adventures, and stumbling blocks on the way to a wedding day!

Across the Miles: Tales of Correspondence (edited by Rea Wilmhurst, 1995)

The collection of stories in this book are united in their centering on letters and notes and other means of written communication. As the tale of Romeo and Juliet instructs, sometimes written communication can get complicated!

Christmas with Anne and Other Holiday Stories (edited by Rea Wimhurst, 1995)

This set of stories introduces new characters and brings back familiar and much-loved characters from Prince Edward Island, all around Christmastime and for Christmas celebrations!

The Blythes are Quoted (2009)

This work was originally published in 1974 as "The Road to Yesterday", but this new printing represents the version without edits, and with the author's original title, "The Blythes are Quoted".

A Name for Herself: Selected Writings, 1891-1917 (edited by Benjamin Lefebvre, 2018)

As part of a series by Benjamin Lefebvre of Montgomery's writings, this one focuses on the writing Montgomery did for newspapers and magazines in the earlier years of her writing career.

A World of Songs: Selected Poems, 1894-1921 (The L.M. Montgomery Library) (edited by Benjamin Lefebvre, 2019)

The second work in Benjamin Lefebvre's Montgomery collection, this one is a compilation of Montgomery's poetry, many of which are nature poems but which are also about life and love and war and death.