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Édouard Vuillard: Resources for Further Learning

Key Terms

  • Easel canvas paintings
  • Fin de siècle
  • Nabis 
  • Painter of modern life
  • Post-Impressionist
  • Scenic design
  • Synthetic dyes and pigments
  • Textile industry - nineteenth century

Related Artists

  • Pierre Bonnard
  • Romain Coolus
  • Maurice Denis
  • Paul Gauguin 
  • Ker-Xavier Roussel
  • Félix Valloton

Subject Headings

  • Art - Conservation and Restoration
  • Artist's Materials
  • Conservation Methods
  • Dyes - Artificial and Natural 
  • Painting - Conservation and Restoration
  • Picture Frames and Framing - Technique
  • Pigments
  • Prints - chromolithograph and Japanese woodblock
  • Prints and Printmaking
  • Supports
  • Textile - Fabrics and Industry 

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