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Anthropology as a Discipline: Home

A brief overview of Anthropology as a discipline, with a focus on biological anthropology. Includes research and textbook resources.

Welcome, Future Anthropologists!

This is Anthropology Podcast Series


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Sierra Rittue

Simmons University

Graduate Student - MSLIS, c/o 2021

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Curious about just what is considered anthropology? Go ahead and learn more about the four subfields of anthropology, and then dive into areas of biological anthropology! 
Since Simmons University does not offer any programs in Anthropology, I decided to put together this guide to spur interest in the field. I hope to inspire students to enter graduate programs in anthropology regardless of their undergraduate degree. 
This pathfinder will help you identify available resources from Simmons University as well as provide helpful open educational resources to further your understanding of anthropology. Share with your classmates, your friends, or anyone who may want to learn more about the field.

A Quick Rundown

Anthropology in 10 or Less: 101: What the F*** is Anthropology?

Content warning: some offensive language

In this cheeky short video, Michael Kilman (a cultural anthropologist with an M.S. from Portland State University), discusses just what exactly is anthropology, what the main subfields are, and specifics to the discipline. 

Professional Associations

Check out the websites for below for information on the field, job postings, graduate program information, field schools, and other helpful resources for the aspiring anthropologist!

American Anthropological Association Twitter Feed

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