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Menstruation: Home

An Introduction For Young Adults


What will I find in this guide?

In this guide, you'll find resources (websites, handouts, videos, books, apps, and podcasts) that present a general overview of menstruation. Specific topics include the female reproductive systemgetting your periodmenstrual cramps, and how to use tampons, pads, period underwear, and menstrual cups.


How do I use this guide?

This guide is organized by tabs listed horizontally at the top of the page. The navigation is organized as follows:

  • Menstruation 101: Here, you'll find many introductory resources including websites, survival guides, and a glossary.
  • Keeping Track: In this tab, you'll discover helpful tools, such as printable calendar sheets, a period app, and a visual guide to your cycle.
  • Books: Here, you'll find books about menstruation, including short stories, nonfiction, and fiction.
  • Media: Under this tab, you'll find three entertaining podcasts dedicated to the topic of menstruation.
  • Next Steps: Here, you'll find resources dedicated to answering your questions as well as suggestions for future searching.


Who is this guide for?

This guide is for young adults seeking information about menstruation, especially those who are experiencing it for the first time. Nearly half the population experiences menstruation at some point in their lives, but it is often a topic that makes people feel uncomfortable. The information found on this pathfinder aims to promote education and communication about menstruation so inquiring adolescents can feel more informed and confident about the changes that happen during puberty. Presented on these pages are resources that explain the basics of menstruation and give an introductory overview of the topic.

This guide is intended to be used in a classroom setting in a school library, whether large or small. Students accessing this guide can use it individually, or in a group as part of a lesson plan. While this guide is primarily meant to serve students experiencing menstruation, it can also be beneficial to members of all groups and genders.