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Flappers and the Roaring Twenties: Home

Flappers & the Roaring Twenties

Welcome to a resource guide all about flappers and the roaring twenties!

Let's face it, the 1920s were a fascinating time with so much going on, and flappers were a big part of it all. From their budding style, to their dance moves, and their rebellious attitudes - they are a colorful group to discover. When I first realized my interest in the time period and flappers I was eighteen, in my first year of college. This is a great age to be learning about the '20s because the majority of flappers fell into the young adult age range. There is a lot of mature content that goes along with flappers (alcohol, smoking, promiscuity, and rebellion), but most content covering the topic considers the interest of this young adult audience. This guide is to be used by teens and college students who are searching for information for a research paper, or simply to feed an appetite for knowledge of an exciting topic. 

What's here?

Within the tabs above you will find the following information at your fingertips:

  • Books - both fiction and nonfiction
  • Articles & Websites - covering both general knowledge, as well as the Charleston
  • Films - what to watch from then and now
  • Noteworthy Names - the popular names that you may or may not yet recognize
  • Finding Flappers - where to go from here for more information