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Success guide for college students


Welcome to the Student Success Guide.  This website is intended to be a resource for undergraduate college students interested in learning more about how to be successful in college.  Since it is listed on the Simmons Library LibGuide page, this guide will most likely be accessed and utilized by the approximately 2,000 undergraduate students who are members of the Simmons community.

There is a vast amount of information on college student success currently in existence on the internet.  However there are not many comprehensive guides that organize this information in a clear and concise manner.  This guide seeks to help current and soon to be college students have access to a resource that is easy to use and contains a breadth of information related to the undergraduate student experience.

The website includes information on different types of informational resources that provide a wide range of advice and practical information.  There are also links to additional resources for those who wish to access information beyond what is on this website.

How to Navigate This Guide

Click on the blue tabs above to move from page to page.

List of Pages:  
Academic Resources
Social Resources 
Other Success Related Resources
Further Research/Next Steps

Videos Related to Student Success

Here are some links to videos related to student success.


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